A solid strategic plan sets the tone for your organization. It is both the foundation on which you provide your service and the over-arching values that guide you. At ATZ Equity Consulting, we root your strategic planning processes in a way that holds space for diversity, equity, and inclusion at every step, both in how we develop this plan with you and the end result. We help you to bring your equity goals deep into the fabric of your organization.


An equitable strategic plan is both a process and an outcome. We invest in your stakeholders to truly understand their lived experience, and bring it alive in a dynamic and meaningful strategic plan, catered to your organization’s needs. No cookie cutter approaches here. This is your mission, vision, and values, and it needs to speak to you and all of your organization's staff. Our goal is to help you create a strategic plan that is more than just something you write in a report -- rather it is something that lives and breathes within your organization.