We have the know-how you need

We collaborate with you to create an equity, inclusion, and diversity strategy that best fits your organization’s needs. We offer packages that leave your organization with a strategic framework that has clearly identified goals to achieve your equity, inclusion, and diversity goals. 


We offer three tiers of consulting: 

  • Customized Assessment: We partner with you to develop your equity, inclusion, and diversity assessment by creating an à la carte approached our service. 

  • Modified Assessment: We take an approach that uses the data you already have to identify some of the barriers that are most negatively impacting your organization. Best for companies that already have significant data and need diversity and inclusion expertise to guide review of your data to create an effective strategy.

  • Equity Deep Dive: In-depth analysis working with all levels of your organization to identify and address inequity and exclusionary practices.

By working purposefully towards equity and inclusive practice, you can:

  • Avoid costly discrimination-based lawsuits

  • Avoid losing business due to culturally insensitive practices and PR crisis

  • Make employees feel appreciated and respected

  • Be inclusive of clients from different identity and groups

  • Attract and retain top-level talent in a variety of roles

  • Improve communication

Assessments can include 

  • Employee census

  • Equity audit

  • Employment Equity comparison analysis in order to compare the gender and ethnicity of the workforce by job groups

  • Perform statistical analysis of the workforce against the relevant labour market in order to determine whether parity exists

  • Identify key cultural aspects of the organization via a cultural safety assessment

Strategy Development

  • Identify and assess the goals of the organization

  • Develop goals related to achieving workforce balance

  • Develop action-oriented steps to achieve the organization’s goal of eliminating inequity

  • Recommendations to eliminate lack of inclusion in the workplace

  • Recommend communication methods aimed at inclusion