We can provide the support you need to sustain change

Sustaining equity work requires changing an organization's culture. Therefore, a well-developed strategic plan, goals, process, tools, and techniques are necessary for equity work to take root successfully. It also requires courageous leadership, a mindset, and a commitment to take your organization from a few equity champions, to an organization that embraces all aspects of diversity, inclusion, and equity. 


At ATZ Equity Consulting, we know that sustained changes take time. We understand that it takes time for people that make up the organization to buy into the work of equity. It takes time for people to see possibilities and a brighter future. We provide the necessary equity subject matter expertise to help you navigate the change. 


ATZ Equity Consulting provides retainer services to organizations that need equity consulting on an ongoing basis, as well as occasional fees for service. We work with you to customize a plan that best suits your organization's needs.