anya gwynne

Pronouns: they/them


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A first generation settler and non-binary performance artist and educator, anya gwynne is dedicated to creating authentic opportunities for learning and connection. Over the last 12 years, they have engaged service providers, educators and community to examine what accountable spaces and inclusive, accessible services look like for 2-SLGBTQIA+ youth and adults. anya is a coordinator of Peterborough Pride, has facilitated town halls, asset-based assessments and other community-based research to address local emergent issues impacting the 2-SLGBTQIA+ communities, especially in rural regions. They have developed dynamic programming for intergenerational queer and trans people, created engaging long term engagement with 2-SLGBTQIA+ youth, and coordinated inclusive summer camp experiences for sexual and gender minority youth. Their specialty is asking hard questions and working through hard answers while bringing a sparkly, Fraggle energy.